Real Women: Expats in Delhi - Roxanne Thomas

Real Women: Expats in Delhi - Roxanne Thomas

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In conversation with Roxanne Thomas for the first edition of our Real Women in Zariin: Expats in Delhi series. As a brand by women for women, it is the REAL WOMAN who is always at the fore of our inspiration and is our primary muse. We are thrilled to kickstart a new series in our ongoing Real Women campaign, called EXPATS IN DELHI. Through this new series we will explore their lives, adaptation to a new culture, their sense of style and aesthetics, while styling them in our jewellery.

The vivacious Roxanne Thomas is an American diplomat in Delhi. We love the energy she exudes and how she brings her favourite Zariin jewels to life. Delve into our hearty conversation.


Who is Roxanne Thomas?
I am a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the USA where I was born and raised. A large part of my childhood consisted of going to church and going to school. My time in church and school have had a profound impact on who I am. I believe in loving God and treating people with compassion and justice. Through my school experiences I developed my love of learning and an appreciation for the fine arts- especially theater and music. I have a really close knit family with my mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! Because of this, I feel like I had a rich upbringing, although we had limited means. I'm thankful for all the love and encouragement I have received from my family, which now includes my husband, a son, and two daughters! I spent a lot of time in the books and have had positions in education, consulting, and management. At this stage of my life I am enjoying meeting people, learning their stories, appreciating their journeys, and developing healthy, life giving relationships. I am so thankful for my time here in Delhi and have met amazing people!

Roxanne is wearing Powercore Hoop Earrings and Belief Coin Necklace -Wisdom and Romance.


Roxanne is wearing Powercore Hoop Earrings and Belief Coin Necklace -Wisdom and Romance.

What’s your go-to place in Delhi?
One of my happy places is Khan Market. Just because I can find anything and everything there.You can shop….food…restaurants….just the atmosphere there and the buzz.

The song you’re playing on repeat?
I grew up in Church, so I have all these gospel songs on repeat all the time. The gospel tradition of clapping hands, dancing and tambourines.


Roxanne is wearing Belief Coin Necklace -Wisdom and Romance.


Roxanne styled in Bold & Beautiful


Roxanne in Rule the World Statement Ring

What is your relationship with jewellery?
Jewellery inspires beauty I think. It can lift you up. It makes you feel regal and it makes you happy basically.

How do you find joy in your life?
People. Just talking to people…engaging with people. Relationships…the smallest of things is the joy of the day….always.

delicate indian jewellery

Roxanne in Noor - a collection of delicate festive jewellery

delicate lotus choker necklace

Roxanne in Lotus Silk Delicate Choker Necklace

lotus stud earrings with pearls

Roxanne in Glory Lotus Stud Earrings

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