Zariin Real Women - Mrs Aruna Reena Singh

Zariin Real Women - Mrs Aruna Reena Singh

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We have always believed that any jewellery only comes to life when its worn and it takes a new meaning with each wearer. Giving a beautiful meaning to some of the jewels from our latest collections is Mrs Aruna Reena Singh who has been patron of Zariin from the very beginning. She’s been an integral part of the Zariin journey lending her authentic style and wearing our pieces in the most impressive ways…..she wears Zariin like no other!

aruna reena singh in shahana by zariin
Mrs Aruna Reena Singh in Shahana
aruna reena singh in glow getter by zariin
Mrs Aruna Reena Singh in Glow Getter
aruna reena singh for zariin

Where do you get your style from?
I wear what I like and can’t be dictated to, by trends in fashion. My style is my own!

What about your style has stayed the same?
I don’t go to a salon - ever- for either my face or my hair. Though I wish that I could have a different hair style. My daughter once dragged me off to a beauty salon in Bangkok : I went along just to chat with her , but she got the hair stylist to give me a look that was more ‘with it’! The upshot of this brush with a professional stylist was that, when I got home both my grandsons, who had started dinner, took one look at me and burst out laughing!! So that was the end of that and my hair is styled by me, in exactly the same way as it was 40 years ago. Some things never change!

modern pearl jewelry
Mrs Aruna Reena Singh in Glow Getter
statement pearl necklace
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pearl jewelry by zariin
Glow Getter- Modern Pearl Jewelry

What hobbies/ passions you make time for?
I read a lot - started a book club which I ran for 9 years . I still love ballroom dancing . Though it is difficult to find partners. Most of the older ones can’t shake a leg any more or don’t know how. The younger ones just slink away.

pearl stack
Mrs Aruna Reena Singh in Glow Getter
modern ethnic jewelry
Mrs Aruna Reena Singh in Begum Choker  and Amara Studs
zariin rings
Hands that Talk - Shop Zariin Rings

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I love playing the piano and electric organ. I run a Trust in this area which helps the less empowered: we are also trying to get a better overall environment in the area in which I live. 

How important is jewellery for you when you dress up?
Jewelry, as such, has never been very important to me, though Zariin is. Every time I wear Zariin , I receive the most extravagant compliments: every one thinks I’m wearing the real stuff. Travel only with Zariin: makes you feel safe but also trendy. Great for gifting.

aruna reena singh in balance
chakra statement earrings
Art of Balance Statement Earrings 

How long have you been wearing Zariin? Which are your favourite Zariin pieces that have been your constants through these years?

I have been associated with Zariin from its inception. I have some of the best pieces that Zariin has to offer- in some cases a one off. I’m not happy to describe these , as I would like to be the exclusive model for them!

chakra necklace
Heal Your Vibe Necklace
zariin bestseller
Mesh of Life Ring


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