Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends 2023 - 7 Latest Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends for Women and Girls in India

Indian Bridal Jewelry Trends 2023 - 7 Latest Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends for Women and Girls in India

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7 Latest Bridal Jewellery Trends 2022

  • Elegant Pearl Jewellery
  • Stirking Chokers
  • Raani Haars
  • Dreamy Kalireys
  • Waistbelts
  • Maang Teekas and Matha Patti
  • Modern Mangal Sutras

  • The past decade has witnessed a huge shift in the bridal jewellery trends. Indian brides are choosing to be more experimental and practical in their choices. There is a preference for super stylish, high on elegance, light weight jewellery that makes you look your part on the the special day. The brides are very clear - they want jewellery that makes them look and feel their best without weighing them down budget wise or otherwise. This primary choice has shaped the trend scape in the huge way.

    Here’s a look at the major bridal jewellery trends -

    1. Elegant Pearl Jewellery

    The opulence, elegance and neutrality of pearls has made it a go to option for brides. The combination of white and gold lends a regal touch and makes each piece look its dressy best. Pearl jewellery is also extremely versatile making it very wearable way after your big day is gone.

    2. Stirking Choker Necklaces

    Statement choker necklaces have a way of uplifting your look, make you feel like a goddess and the extravagance simply spells weddings. Well designed, beautifully crafted chokers lend the perfect bridal touch. A blend of old and new, chokers sit well against the necklines of your bridal outfits. Complete the look by adding a long necklace.

    3. Raani Haars

    Raani haas have traditionally always been an integral part of bridal jewellery and these pre layered long necklaces continue to rule the bridal scape. The glamour, detail and drama of the necklace makes the great choice for the final day.

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    4. Dreamy Kalireys

    The kalireys have been a culture specific bridal accessory, however, this bridal hand accessory is now making its way with more and more brides owing to its sheer grandeur, impact and the right kind of bridal feels.

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    5. Waistbelts

    The waist belts is that accessory that you’d feel you won’t need but its that jewellery piece that not only adds to the grace of your look but also plays its functional role by holding your dupatta in place, cinching you at the waist and giving those heavy outfits some form.

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    6. Maang Teekas and Matha Patti

    Head accessory is one of those accessories and instantly gives you bridal makeover. More and more brides are choosing to be experimental with their choices and choosing elegance pieces to dress their tresses.

    7. Modern Mangal Sutras

    The traditional Mangalsutra doesn’t work well with the modern multifunctional wardrobes. So daintier, everyday versions are now surfacing which work well, look stylish and keep you intact with the tradition.

    With the onset of the wedding season, its the perfect time to brush up your trend knowledge and upgrade wedding dressing as well with latest bridal jewelry.

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