Necklaces Trending Right Now - 6 Popular Necklaces for Women and Girls in India

Necklaces Trending Right Now - 6 Popular Necklaces for Women and Girls in India

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Popular Necklace Trends for 2023

Necklaces are one of the most sought after pieces of jewellery owing to the character it lends and how effortlessly they seep into your outfit. These are a perfect way to lend a personal touch to your outfit and elevate to a stylish look. Here are some trending necklaces that will transcend seasons and work well with not only your summer but winter outfits as well.

1. Chunky Chain Necklaces for Women

chain necklace for women

Chunky chain necklaces have been the hottest trend for a while now and we don’t see this trend fading anytime soon. Links of all shapes and sizes have been experimented with and loved. These necklaces work with most outfits and add a modern touch. The best part is that you can make them to be as dressy or casual as you want them to be!

2. Zodiac Necklaces for Women

zodiac necklace for women

Talisman jewellery has been a rage ever since the pandemic hit and zodiac necklaces have scored high on popularity because they lend a touch of personal to your look, remind you of your beliefs and who you are and all that you want to do for yourself. The necklaces celebrate your connection with the stars and universe - what’s not to love!

3. Locket Pendants for Women

photo locket necklace for women

Locket pendants are a vintage concept, however the need to keep your loved ones close and feel their love has led to these personal necklaces gain popularity again. Modern minimal lockets are trending right now.

4. Coin Necklaces for Women

coin necklace for women

Coin necklaces are a classic and the ones that come with meaningful details make them even more special. These are the chicest necklaces to opt for right now and the best part is that these make a fabulous layering element.

5. Celestial Wonders - Delicate Wearable Jewellery for Women

star necklaces for women

We convert our fascination of the night sky into delicate wearable jewellery. The stars and moon motif makes us believe in the universe and its promising ways. Its that belief that makes these necklaces truly special and one of the biggest trends right now.

6. Alphabet Necklaces for Women

alphabet necklace for women and girls

Nothing spells more personal than alphabet necklaces. Stylish wearable nameplates that you can play with - wear your initials or of someone you love. A great layering element, the necklaces are trending right now.

All these women necklaces are meaningful and the thing about meaningful jewellery is that it’ll always remain relevant even when the trend fades.

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