Real Women – Gayatri Reddy Bhatia

Real Women – Gayatri Reddy Bhatia

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Every woman has a very personal relationship with her clothes and jewelry. This personal relationship ultimately defines your style. It is also a good reason why jewelry works in different ways for different women – the same piece of jewelry never looks the same! This is one of the most fascinating realms of our Real Women series. Our muse for the month of April is Gayatri Reddy Bhatia. She has been the features editor at the Deccan Chronicle writing on travel, fashion, sports, cuisine and interesting interviews. She was also the owner of the Deccan Chargers team at Indian Premier league which adds such an interesting dimension to her work graph.
Gayatri Reddy’s personal style is deeply rooted to two cities – Hyderabad and Delhi. We’ve always found it interesting how the place you live in contributes so much to your personal style. With this blog post we delve in to the style story, bits of her work and jewelry personality.

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A Hyderabad girl now in Delhi – can you tell us about the move and how do you find this city?
My parents have a home in Delhi so growing up I came here a lot, so it has always been a familiar place. Delhi and Hyderabad are home for me. Also for a journalist this is an exciting city to be living in.

Does a place influence a person’s style of dressing?
It certainly does. Hyderabad is more relaxed and we don’t have seasons there so the same wardrobe works the whole year round. Three years into living in Delhi and I am still trying to build a sufficient winter wardrobe.

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From being involved in the production at Deccan Chronicle, you are now contributing articles. How does the perspective change with the cross over?
Handling a tabloid is great fun, you are always working on new ideas and stories every day. Putting together an interesting product at the end of everyday is a great high. The pace is more relaxed working from home, but I am enjoying this phase as I get to spend time with my baby and do something every journalist loves …. write.

We all have our comfort zones and topics we love to write on. What are the themes that inspire your writing?
I write for a newspaper so for me it has always been about tracking what is happening now. Covering current events. The only thing I don’t have a stomach for is crime, apart from that I love covering all aspects of news because you educate yourself in the process and are always well informed about what is happening around you.

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Describe your personal style.
My personal style is currently toddler friendly.

You travel a lot. How is your everyday wardrobe different from your travel wardrobe?
My travel wardrobe is more put together and coordinated because I like to travel light. The colour scheme is similar so there is no issue in mixing and matching stuff. I love colour so at home my wardrobe is a bit of a rainbow.

How relevant is jewelry when you are dressing up?
Jewelry completes an outfit and brings it alive. Guess it’s an Indian thing, I feel something is missing if I walk out of the house wearing nothing.

If you had to pick three jewelry pieces to wear everyday – what would those be?
My engagement ring, a pair of earrings ( currently a pair of gold Zariin earrings I got from the shoot! ) and my watch.

zariin completes the look perfectly

Which Zariin collection fits your personal style.
I love your necklaces! So easy to layer up and so light!

Can you tell us about your experience shooting for our Real Women shoot.
I had such a fun time at the shoot and loved how Vidhi styled my outfits with the jewelry. Now I can’t wear those ensembles without my Zariin pieces.

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