Real Women – Neha Ramabhadran

Real Women – Neha Ramabhadran

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Kahlil Gibran says “The most beautiful words on the lips of mankind is mother and the most beautiful call is the call of my mother.” We were not born with a manual in life, but then we got mother – who just magically makes everything seem okay. Mothers – quite the wonder women who have mastered the juggling act or are sincerely trying to. Irrespective, what really matters the most is that they never give up and that’s what makes them truly special and so real. Because it is that time of the year when we all celebrate mothers, we decided to bring this celebration onto our blog with our real women muse – Neha Ramabhadran. Neha is a mother to two wonderful daughters. An entrepreneur and Founder of Peomira, the juggling and cuddling must come naturally to her. Here’s a hearty conversation and some beautiful images reflective of the pristine spirit of mothers and mom entrepreneurs.

neha ramabhadran in zariin

1. Define your personal style.
It’s comfortable while being a bit quirky. My natural inclination is to keep it understated and elegant. I love clothes in good soft cotton & silks. Mul mul and vintage are my true loves!!

2. We believe you have lived in different parts of the world before you finally settled with your family in India. Tell us about your journey as you went country hopping, and how has each place left an impression on you.
We did! We moved back to India after quite a few years abroad. As a couple, our first adventure was a year in France, as Vivek was studying at Insead. Fontainebleau is a beautiful place and we spent the entire year there, in the midst of the beautiful forest, quaint French towns and several jaunts to Paris – which is one of my favourite cities!! We met some amazing people from all over the world, and some of the friends are truly family to us now.

We have also lived in Dubai and spent a lot of time in Thailand. One very special year for us, was our stint in South Africa. This was while Vivek was on a project there with Mckinsey. We both fell in love with SA! The more we traveled and discovered, the more the love grew. Some of our most beautiful days were on long road trips we did from Cape Town and along the coast. ISA is just so amazing as it has myriad charming shades – the pristine little towns, the magical sunlight, and the aesthetics overall.

styling saree with zariin

neha ramabhadran in floral jewelry

love for everyday jewelry

3. As a mother of two lovely girls, do you ever find yourself getting inspired by them?
All the time!! They are the cutest – Myra is nearly 7 and Avika is 4 and a half, and they are such beautiful and different personalities from each other!

Myra is amazingly creative – in crafts, pretend play.. I’m always amazed at how she thinks and executes and most times – quite effortlessly too. Her creativity, thinking and clarity is really quite special. She is very reflective, quite beyond her years.

Avika inspires all of us every single day with her love. She really is the sweetest, loveliest girl. She has so much affection, care and love for everyone around her. Not to say that there are no angry moments or tantrums – but she truly functions on this planet – with love being her super power!

I feel really lucky and grateful that these girls have chosen us as their parents in their journey of life.

4. As a mother of two and founder of Peomira, we are sure that you are constantly juggling roles. Any hacks for sanity?

Being happy, having time for myself and indulging sometimes in doing nothing. In these times we do have resources and help. Thank god for that! I have learnt to walk away from anything that gives me too much stress or brings any anxiety to my life. I want to be a happier and peaceful person everyday so that I’m able to function as a good mom.

styling pero and zariin

floral outfit with zariin

indus roots necklaces

5. What is your favourite mommy guilty pleasure?

Hanging out with Vivek and my friends, and watching movies and documentaries. Vivek and I both have very similar taste and we love discovering new, interesting content. I mean beyond your usual GOT etc (which he watches, I don’t)

6. What are the top three words your daughters would think of, when describing you as a mother?

I asked the girls and this is what they said – Caring, Helpful, Sweet, Generous

neha ramabhadran mom's role

7.What is your perception of Indian fashion?
I find Indian fashion very interesting and feel like there are so many fascinating things going on – Lovely new brands with great aesthetics. However, I also see some challenges for young and niche brands in this market.

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8. Do you wear jewelry everyday? Can you tell us a little about your favourite everyday pieces.
I don’t! But when I do it’s mostly my rings and a great pair of earrings,
a statement piece or lovely light pieces. My favorites are some vintage and some beautiful heirloom pieces from my mom’s and nani’s collection. I love most things old & vintage!! I also really the variety and aesthetic of the designs in Confluence.

9. Can you tell us something about the looks that you are wearing for the shoot.
My first look was in a beautiful sari with a very vintage feel and colour. It has silver zari work on it which I loved offsetting with the gold Zariin pieces.
My second look is a brand that I wear most often and is one of my favourites – Pero. It’s bright and fun!
My third look is again in a brand that I really love from my friend Gaurav Jai Gupta’s brand Akaaro – this is a bespoke hand-woven gold coordinated set.

styling akaaro with zariin

pearl delicates earrings

10. How was your experience shooting with Zariin as our Real Women muse?
So much fun!! The shoot was really fun and Vidhi was great. And what a lovely day spent over amazing food and great conversation later with your family!

11. How do you perceive the label?
I think it’s brilliant. I love the intricacy and detail, and the delicate and beautiful design language. I love that your pieces are as light to wear as they are. Also really versatile and one can go from a regular day-look to an evening statement-look with ease.

12. Can you pick a favourite collection?

My favorite collection would be Flower Power.

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