Zariin Real Women #StellarSelf Campaign

Zariin Real Women #StellarSelf Campaign

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Stellar means “like a star”. While our latest collection directly takes inspiration from the cosmic world we realize that the meaning of this word goes beyond just this. It also means something wonderful, outstanding and the best version of something. It could be a moment, a feeling, an experience or an achievement. That’s when we had this idea of exploring the intangible moods of the word “Stellar” and what it means. The tangible version being our collection, of course! We reached out to 8 Stellar women and they were gracious to unveil their Stellar memory and moments for us for our #StellarSelf campaign styled in Stellar jewellery.

Ayesha Amin Nigam

What is one Stellar memory of yours?

My Stellar memory has to be Africa – The Great Migration in Masai Mara which I have been lucky enough to witness twice. There are just animals and nature and you are supposed to be the human there, who is not supposed to be there. The cheetah just walks past you. He doesn’t care who you are. Which is so magical and the thought that it might not exist in a few years is so daunting.

When do you feel your Stellar best?

It would be very clichéd and true also to say when you are working and doing something that you like which would be for everyone. But I would also say when I’m travelling and going through new experiences. I happen to have a great set of friends and a husband who loves to do the same things. If we go to a very common place, we also go to a very offbeat place. That would be my Stellar best surrounded with people you love in a new place.

ayesha amin nigam in stellar
ayesha amin nigam's stellar moment

Nirja Dutt

What is one Stellar memory of yours?

My Stellar memory is when I was the one visiting Baselworld and the SIHH which are two of the most beautiful and the most coveted fairs for watches and jewellery in the globe. I remember when I finally went there and the way everyone was talking. Everyone spoke to you like you are this amazing journalist who knows everything. And I was like, “Ya ya…. I know everything….;)”

When do you feel your Stellar best?

When I ACTUALLY go for yoga class or I ACTUALLY go for a run or I ACTUALLY do some form of exercise even if it’s a walk and I finally sweat. That’s when I feel my Stellar best. When I know that I have done it.

nirja dutt in zariin's stellar collection

nirja dutt's stellar moment

Shyma Shetty

When do you feel your Stellar best?

I feel my Stellar self when I get a great night’s sleep, when I have a busy day in front of me, I have been productive during the day or I have been doing things I like. I like to surround myself with people I can learn from and conversations that excite me. All of these things I think make for a Stellar day.

What is one Stellar memory of yours?

I have so many but one memory that I like to talk about and hold very dear to my heart – I was about 10 years old. My German Shepherd gave birth. That was amazing to watch as a kid and I think it was life changing for me.

shyma shetty in zariin

shyma shetty's stellar moment

Vidhi Gupta

When do you feel your Stellar best?

I best feel my Stellar self when I’m around my family, friends and my husband. Blessed to be with a lot of loving people in my life. So their energies…their vibes….every time I’m around them, there’s a sense of calm and at the same time there’s a sense of excitement. Times like those that I spend, I’m my Stellar best.

What is one Stellar memory of yours?
Often those simple moments like an anecdote, a special share, breaking into a song or a dance. Often those simple moments end up being really cherished ones and make for some pretty Stellar memories.

vidhi gupta in stellar

vidhi gupta's stellar moment

Mamta Gupta

When do you feel your Stellar best?

I tend to be a person of routine so waking up early in the morning and having a day stacked up with good challenges is what makes me going. But to be really in my Stellar self, I need to get out in the mountains. Having that experience and pushing myself out of my comfort zone year after year amidst the beautiful mountains really makes me feel my Stellar self.

What is one Stellar memory of yours?

I never really had a craving to be a mother. And like everyone’s life, my life also had its shares of rights and wrongs and I was okay with it. The day I became a mother and had my child in my arms for the first time is when I felt the need to make all the wrongs in my life to right. So that moment is what I always remember and I always go back to that moment. I will call it my most Stellar memory.

mamta gupta in stellar

mamta gupta's stellar moment

Akanksha Sharma
When do you feel your Stellar best?
It varies from time to time. Sometimes after a really good workout, when you’re wearing really good clothes – you can feel quite amazing. Sometimes going into a new place, new territory, meeting new people, learning about their culture and practices can make me feel really grateful but also Stellar!

What is one Stellar memory of yours?
One of my Stellar memories is the first product I designed for IKEA. I was an intern and it was designed and made in India. To see it come to life, to see some people buying it and using it made me feel Stellar. It was a humbling experience. I felt quite Stellar at that moment.

akanksha sharma in stellar

akanksha sharma's stellar moment

Neha Lidder
When do you feel your Stellar best?
I feel my Stellar best on two occasions – one is when I’m working on a big project and there’s a lot of work. I absolutely love it. And the second is definitely when I’m in my CrossFit box or when I’m teaching yoga. I think the best in me comes out.

What is one Stellar memory of yours?
When ones lived a life, there are many Stellar memories. But the most enduring memory is of my childhood in the army cantts. That was beautiful and it shaped me in the person I am. Amazing memories of those years in many cantts across the country. Wonderful childhood!

neha lidder in zariin's stellar

neha lidder's stellar momentRasna Bhasin

When do you feel your Stellar best?
I think I feel my Stellar best especially when I’m happy from inside and when I’m calm. There’s not too much chaos in my head and when I can give my 100% to something that I’m doing. That’s exactly when I feel my Stellar best.
What is one Stellar memory of yours?
A recent Stellar memory would be when I was in Paris. I had this moment where in the middle of the night I wanted to go and see the Eiffel. I wasn’t sure of going by myself so a friend agreed. The Stellar memory would be as we sat by the Eiffel at midnight while it was twinkling, bought a cheap bottle of wine and just kept looking at it. That was one of my Stellar memories.

rasna bhasin in zariin's stellar

rasna bhasin's stellar moment

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