Zariin Real Women and their Self Love Quotes

Zariin Real Women and their Self Love Quotes

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Fashion and self love go hand in hand. Clothes and jewellery can be empowering, imparting women the right dose of confidence, comfort and change which in turn boost self love in certain aspects. “Imperfectly Me” and “Being You” are words that have contributed substantially to Zariin’s philosophy and in this journey we have come across some fabulous women who have further enhanced the depth of these words with their incredible take on their personal style and approach to life. These are women who have embraced Zariin in ways not only limiting to accessorizing but beyond. We reached out to some of them to share their journey with self love and give us their self love quotes.

Ayesha Amin Nigam, Stylist
“Very tempted to say “main apni favourite hoon” but the concept of self love really got ingrained in me post college when I started doing something I really enjoyed and loved – and was surrounded by people who really supported me and wouldn’t bring me down”

ayesha amin in zariin classics
Ayesha Amin in Classics Lite by Zariin. Shop the collection.


Ritu Arya, Stylist

“I think somewhere during growing up, I completely stopped giving enough importance to myself, and always tried being there for everyone else while self love [both emotionally and physically] took a back seat. And it’s only very recent that I’ve started to say no when required or to wait a second and think of my well being before anything else. I still haven’t mastered it and it is going to be a life long process indeed, since I know most of are always taught to selflessly be there for the ones we love and care for, without being aware of the psychological damage it might bring along.
But yes, I’ve somehow finally come to understand and accept the way I look or what my true identity/nature is, and honestly, it is a very minor milestone in this journey, as I still continue to figure a way to wholly nourish myself without transforming the way I like to unconditionally love and look after others.”

ritu arya in zariin earrings


Pallavi Mohan, Not So Serious
“Self-love is a practice, one that evolves with you as you grow in your journey. When you start to embrace the love that you have within yourself, the love that the universe has in store for you – starts to make its way towards you. And once you build this sweet connection, you experience a healthier awareness of the world around you.”

pallavi mohan in pearl kissed redux

Pallavi Mohan in Pearl Kissed Redux. Shop the collection.

Nikita Upadhaya
“For me self love is not about being comfortable with my flaws. It is about working on them while being comfortable with my current self. Self-care is working towards self-improvement.”

nikita upadhyay in miss to mrs zariin
Nikita Upadhyay in Miss to Mrs


Aanchal Rai, Art Direction and Fashion Styling

“My journey with self love is an ongoing one- days I feel on top of the world and days when I hit rock bottom but in all this I try to enjoy the journey and not worry about the destination. As mother Ru says – “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else”

aanchal rai in stellar

Aanchal Rai in Stellar

Jhunjhun Jain- Brand and Culture Head at The Pond Life

“Wow! What an incredible run I’ve had in just the first 27 years of my life. Lots of “firsts,” tons of breakthroughs, countless miracles. Stones overturned, doors unlocked, and journeys just begun. It feels like I’ve waited an eternity for all that’s now happening. What I realized was, only when I loved myself could I be capable of offering love.
So start with step #1.”

jhunjhun jain self love quote

Hope you enjoyed the self love quotes by these stylish women. For more on Zariin’s #SelfLovewithZariin campaign, read here.

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