Real Women – Mitali and Sharnamli of the Pink Post Inc

Real Women – Mitali and Sharnamli of the Pink Post Inc

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For the longest time, we have believed that trunk shows are the best places to shop at. That’s where you get to explore some of the most interesting talents in business and a variety that’s anything but mass. Mitali and Sharnamli – founders of the Pink Post Inc were the initial movers in the arena of trunk shows. Zariin has always admired women entrepreneurs and therefore, we were very excited to shoot with them as muses for our real women series.

Trunk shows are such a wonderful and a practical concept – instead of hopping all over the city, you have all the right names hand- picked and curated by someone who purely knows their knack of doing so. Working as a perfect bridge between the buyers and sellers, trunk shows is an exciting mode of retail. We at Zariin personally love this concept and having experienced both ends of the spectrum – as buyers and exhibitors, we do swear by it. Of our years in business, we have also realized that true value of a trunk show lies with the vision and effort of the forces behind it – the curators. It’s an interesting business concept but takes a whole lot of effort, skills, coordination and understanding the pulse of exactly what the buyer is looking for. MitaIi and Sharnamli, have done that well and have become pioneers while setting a standard of sorts in the luxury shopping sphere with the Pink Post Inc.

sharnamli and mitali for zariin

For our real women shoot this time, not only have we celebrated the personalities of this incredible duo but we have also explored a few interesting outfit trends and blended them with Zariin jewelry. For the first look, Mitali and Sharnamli dressed themselves in metallic co-ords. For their second look, Sharnamli dressed up in an outfit that nailed the athleisure and Mitali played with the classics dots. Interestingly, all the outfits were from Mitali’s own label- Mitali Wadhwa.

1.In the very cluttered and shall we say saturated exhibition space, the Pink Post Inc has stood out and has carved a path of success for itself year after year. How did you girls crack the code?
We started 5 years ago when there weren’t so many exhibitions around and were looking to create a platform where people like us would enjoy going and shopping. We definitely enjoyed the first mover advantage, but that said you can never get complacent in this business and you need to constantly reinvent, innovate and understand the ever changing consumer. We let our personalities come through our brand and that’s why so many women and girls out there can instantly relate to us and The Pink Post Inc.

2. Are you friends? How did you meet, and how did you decide to start to work together?
We are the best of friends and met while doing our Masters Degrees in Warwick Business School in England in 2006. Almost 14 years later, it’s our yin & yang personalities that perfectly complement each other at work and normal life to break the myth that best friends can also work together.

founders of thepinkpostit

sharnamli's metallic look with zariin

sharnamli on what jewelry means to her

mitali on jewelry

mitali in zariin

3. How are you both similar and how are you both different?
Both of us are extremely hard working, sincere and loyal to the people we love. But we completely differ in our food habits, sleep cycles and fashion choices which makes things very interesting 😉

4. Whose word prevails when there is a difference of opinion (we are asking that with a slight tongue in cheek)?
Difference of opinion is bound to occur and much required when two friends work together! We both handle & excel in different departments at the workplace so we go by the word of the expert when need arises while the other peacefully backs down 🙂

5. Where do you see the Pink Post Inc 5 years from now?
The Pink Post is slowly but automatically becoming much more than an exhibition brand and settling into a lifestyle platform which all women from the county can relate to! We have managed to add 6 new cities to our portfolio, and will continue to explore more markets in India and internationally in the coming years through events, blogging, collaborations and much more.

6. What’s your personal style? What are some trends you are working in your wardrobe?
Sharnamli – I always like to stay on top of trends and am constantly trying to reinvent my wardrobe by adding something dramatic like new shoes or a bag or a show stopping jacket to add something extra to my staples. I’m so excited that neon is back and cannot wait to incorporate it in my looks.

Mitali – My personal style has always echoed comfort meets new trends! I’m an advocate of co-ords and feel that they look like a complete and super chic outfit which you can dress up and down depending on your mood. The new trend I cannot get enough of our power suits for women as they instantly make you feel like a boss babe!

mitali's favourite fashion trend

mitali in monochrome jewelry zariin

7. What is the inspiration of your label Mitali Wadhwa? Who is the woman you are dressing?
My inspiration has always been the girl next door who likes easy and fuss free dressing but still turns heads wherever she goes! I’m dressing the woman of today who knows what she wants but isn’t afraid of taking risks and living life on her own terms.

8. We targeted three trends for your shoot – Atheleisure, Metallics and Dots. Which one was your favourite look?

Sharnamli – Mine was definitely the metallics trend because it make you feel super glam in-spite of being so easy!

Mitali – My favorite trend of the lot were dots because it’s super fun, playful and eye catching.

9. Are you a jewelry person? What does jewelry mean to you?

Sharnamli – Most definitely a jewelry person since I was a little girl and have always loved pieces that are conversation starters. For me jewelry has always been a way of keeping memories alive and to see the transformation of my personal style and journey through jewelry.

Mitali – According to me jewelry has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel unique. It should always tell a story about the person whose wearing it!

sharnamli on fashion trends

floral outfit with monochrome jewelry by zariin

10. Which Zariin collection is synonymous with your personal style? What do you think of the label?
Sharnamli – I love the Florets collection and the stunning pieces it features! My absolute favorite is the necklace I wore from this line which is a definite head turner.

Zariin for me is – Stunning, bold and sophisticated

Mitali – I was instantly drawn to the Indus Roots collection and the beautiful amalgamation of the delicate pearls with the jewelry.

Zariin for me is – Beautiful, unique and intricate

Shot by Ishita Singh

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