Real Women - Mother Daughter Duo, Vandana and Vedika Mohan

Real Women - Mother Daughter Duo, Vandana and Vedika Mohan

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Our latest drop in the real women series features Mother Daughter duo, Vandana and Vedika Mohan. The shoot is themed around Heirlooms - Zariin’s latest collection inspired by heirloom jewels that are passed from one generation to another. These pieces of heritage have witnessed celebration, love and trials of the women who adorn them. It’s heartwarming to see the connection between Vedika and Vandana as they share a bond that transcends time and space. The dynamic mom and daughter duo make perfect faces for the collection.

Vandana Mohan is the Founder and Vedika, the Creative Director of The Wedding Company. Vandana established her own business years ago and is now collaborating with Vedika to take what she started to the next level with her daughter who has grown into her mother’s shoes.

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"Mum and I are our own versions of Diet Sabya and Diet Prada. So anything that happens out in the world, we are sitting together and reviewing everything that out there.”

What are some fond memories in Vedika’s growing up years?
Vandana: I had Vedika after having a son. We had her after 8 yrs. She was this young girl with braces, fully enthusiastic. She was one of those kids who loved going to school.

Your fondest memories together in your growing up years.
Vedika: When I went to university, Mum would structure and plan her trips in such a way that she would have a stop over in London so that she would give me those 2 days even if it was just to come and say hi and that meant the world to me.


vandana and vedika mohan in heirlooms by zariin


vandana mohan in zariin jewellery

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How is she a reflection of you?
Vandana: Every daughter and every mother are reflection of each other. When I look at Vedika, I see parts of me when I was young.

Tell us about some cherished possessions that have been passed from one generation to the other?
Vandana: We had a bed cover which my Mum had made. It was like a quilt with a little elephant that belonged to me. Then it was used by my son and then when Vedika was a baby she used it. I still have it preserved and hopefully one fine day my grandchildren will get to use it. : I really hope that Vedika, in the future, will manage to preserve all of this, keep it, learn from it and above all…add to it.

vandana mohan in heirloom earrings
What are a few things that you would love to borrow from your mother’s wardrobe?
Vedika: Jewellery is one such thing that I definitely borrow from my Mum and would love to take because she has some really stunning pieces.

vedika mohan in zariin jewellery

vedika mohan in green onyx jewellery

How did you discover Zariin?
Vandana: I discovered Zariin thanks to Vedika.
Vedika: It’s just been such a long relationship and we have spent so much time talking about each other’s work and how much I love the brand. I am a Zariin customer myself.

Which is your favourite piece from Zarin’s Heirloom collection?
Vandana: When I walked in and I saw some of the Heirloom pieces, I looked at them and my first thought was” Oh I could wear one of those. I really like the earrings. I think they are really nice. That’s something that I could wear with western as well as Indian clothing.

Vedika: One of my favourite piece from the Heirloom collection is this bracelet that I’m currently wearing. I have actually stacked two together so it looks like one. It’s such a stunning statement piece, you cannot go wrong with it.

vedika and vandana style zariin heirloom jewellery
What does Joy mean to you?
Vedika: Whether it is doing an act of service for someone, whether it is physical touch, words of affirmation and so on and so forth….when I do that for someone and someone reciprocates even in the smallest way because it is always the little things that matter….that just brings me immense joy and happiness.

Vandana: Joy means to me living in the moment. It’s very rare that we do that today. We have become so conscious of what’s around us and how we are supposed to react to people and environment that sometimes the smallest things escape us. So every morning I look at what’s around me and try and live in the moment. For me that’s my joy.

vedika styles heirloom jewellery by zariin
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