Zodiac Candles – Here’s What They Mean for You

Zodiac Candles – Here’s What They Mean for You

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Scented candles are a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day of work. It puts you in a chill mood and helps you calm your nerves. Aromatherapy has been known to reduce stress and anxiety and also helps with making you sleep better at night. There are a number of scented candles out there to choose from but to help you get the perfect one for yourself, Zariin offers zodiac candles that will give you what you exactly need.

Zodiac Candles - Everything You need to Know About

Here’s what the zodiac candles have in store for you along with healing crystals embedded in them for added benefits.

1. Aquarius Zodiac Candles: For the charismatic Aquarius we offer you a Sea Breeze fragrance that will relax your body, mind and soul. This fragrance will allow you to kick back and keep calm. Garnet stone present in the candle will give you the passion you need to pursue your goals and also help you to remain balanced when it comes to work and personal life as well.

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2. Pisces Zodiac Candles: For you, we have the Madagascar Long fragrance to bring you the self-love that you need. It provides tranquility and will slow down your mind. With Labradorite present in it, this will help you to enhance your intuition and will also keep bad vibes away from you. Get a Pisces candle for yourself to keep the bad vibes away.

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3. Aries Zodiac Candles: For you, we’ve got Lavender Bloom fragrance which will relieve you of any stress that has been bothering you and will help you shut down your mind at the end of a hectic day. It will also make you sleep deeper and better. With Amethyst stone embedded in the candle, allow it to give you clarity and emotional stability and will also help you get in touch with their spiritual side.

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4. Taurus Zodiac Candles: For you, we’ve got Vanilla fragrance which will give you all the good vibes that you need to start or end your day with. It also serves as an aphrodisiac. Embedded with Rose Quartz which will help you in your love life and also increase compassion for yourself and for others.

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5. Gemini Zodiac Candles: You’ve got a Rose fragrance that will shower you with peace, love and serenity. It will allow you to feel love for others and for yourself. Embedded with Aquamarine, it will help you gain clarity and will help you communicate better with others.

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6. Cancer Zodiac Candles: For you, we’ve got Ernesto fragrance that will relieve you of anybody aches and also make you feel super relaxed. It will help you chase your worries away. Embedded with Moonstone, it will calm you down and also help you introspect and be in touch with your emotions in a better way.

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7. Leo Zodiac Candles: For you, we have got Amber Wood fragrance that is perfectly crafted for you to help you remain grounded and calm yourself when you’re feeling restless since Leos are known to be constantly driven. Embedded with Black Tourmaline it will help you remain away from negativity and any bad vibes that external factors might bring to you and will give you the strength to deal with difficult things in life.

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8. Virgo Zodiac Candles: For you we have Orange Patchouli fragrance that will help you feel energized and also ignite passion and enthusiasm to try new things but at the same time reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Embedded with Peridot stone which is known to induce positivity and creativity, it will help you move forward and take steps to achieve your goals.

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9. Libra Zodiac Candles: The fragrance we’ve got for you is Poet’s Daffodil, a very unique fragrance that will balance your mind while making you feel at ease overall. Embedded with Lapis Lazuli it will make you more communicative and help you voice out your truth easily.

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10. Scorpio Zodiac Candles: For you, we’ve got Ananda fragrance to help you get into your chill zone while also helping you revive the energy that you lose while hustling. Filled with Red Jasper stones, it will help you gain strength and boost your passion to chase your goals in life.

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11. Sagittarius Zodiac Candles: We’ve got you Neroli fragrance which will heal your mind and body while also relieving you of any muscle aches. Embedded with Blue Topaz, the stone will calm you down and help you express your feelings in a better manner.

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12. Capricorn Zodiac Candles: For you, we have got Tembusu fragrance that will take you into Nirvana and will help you ground yourself and slow down. Embedded with Malachite stones, it will fill you with positivity and also help you in boosting your finances while helping you achieve greater success. Buy this candle to fill yourself with motivation.

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There’s no doubt that candles can make any bad day into a better one and what’s best is, at Zariin you get it specially made for each zodiac sign. Buy a zodiac candle for you and your loved ones to reap the benefits that it has to offer.

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